I coach and create in Luxembourgish, English, German, and French


                            If you've thought about opportunity, you're already on the dance floor. In coaching, we explore new grounds because we are ready to make a focussed change from the ones we know. Once the warm and fuzzy 'comfort zone' becomes more of an uncomfortable 'safety zone' - a place which might not be very comfortable anymore, it may even have become rather uncomfortable on some levels, but 'at least I know it' and as long as I am here 'I know how things work, and I have learned to live with even the discomforts' - it is time to take some steps.


                            I hold a degree in Communications and Marketing, I am a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) from the Coaches Institute in California, and I continuously collect certificates from different coaching, leadership and mindfulness trainings, including a yoga teacher training. I read a lot on the topics of human behaviour because I truly am fascinated by us. I am also on my own journey and am accompanied by my own coaches and mentors. The work is never done. I have 25 years of work experience in corporate communications, marketing, travel and frontline customer service.

                            I am still active as a part-time employee and thereby have a fairly good understanding of what it is like to work in organisations. I coach and facilitate leadership workshops on a part-time basis. I travel and I write, and I believe in dreams, magic and fairy tales.


                              As a coach, employee and private person, I am driven to honour and empower the humanity within relationships and organisations, for individual as well as collective ease in communications and efficiency.

                              Working wirth various tools, leadership models and analytical processing, I help people understand their personal values and adopted behaviours, and I intentionally invite them to upset their thought and reponse patterns in order to activate the change they desire for themselves and their environment.